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​​​Our story begins with our "Babcia" which means grandma in Polish. Her parents (our great-grandparents) both died tragically in an accident in Poland when she was an infant. She was separated from her sisters and placed in an orphanage in the town of Swidwin, Poland.  
Our Babcia shared with us truly sad stories from when she lived there until the age of sixteen.  She was only given a couple articles of clothing and one pair of shoes each year. This was the highlight of her year and for the hundreds of other children in the orphanage. Sadly, this is not an isolated situation, millions of kids suffer similar poverty in the USA and around the world. This gave us the idea of starting our own charity to try and make a difference and help. Everyone has used sports clothing in their closet that is going unused that can be re-purposed for children around the world right now ! Imagine how great it would be to put a smile on a child's face and a shirt on their back to make them feel good about themselves, and inspire them to play a sport. Help by simply donating what is not being used. 
Andrew and Jocelyn Jung - Co-Founders, Donate Sport
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